Green Office


  • A program aiming for Environmental Sustainability
  • Quantification of the resource use and cost, along with Calculations for Carbon emissions for the Green office provided by WWF-Pakistan, for your sustainability reporting
  • Considerable cost savings in energy and material expenses
  • Opportunity to play your part as an individual and company for Climate change mitigation and fighting Global Warming
  • An opportunity to play a role in the environmental conservation and community uplift projects of WWF-Pakistan
  • Gain a better understanding of the environmental impacts of business activities and build awareness of environmental concern among employees
  • Employees are better Trained and motivated when environmental values and practices are in harmony
  • Monthly Eco Tips communicated to the employees of our Green Office Network in Pakistan
  • Customized Environmental trainings for staff bi-annually
  • Possibility to utilize Green Office Logo in marketing, thus creating love and trust among target audience or customers
  • Value added service of lighting audit.
  • An opportunity to implement corporate environmental responsibility with one of the largest and best known global conservation organization WWF
  • Networking with other Green Office organizations, and learning from their success stories
  • Free subscription to WWF's Quarterly Magazine "Natura"


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