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5th June, 2012

Green Economy the only way forward for sustainable development

Lahore: WWF – Pakistan, the most dedicated environmental conservation organization in the country, celebrated World Environment Day. Various activities were planned in the Gilgit-Baltistan and Karachi offices of the organization to highlight the theme of World Environment Day 2012, which was “Green Economy”.

In its simplest expression, ‘green economy’ can be described as one that is low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive, or as UNEP puts it, as improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. WWF - Pakistan in line with the theme is contributing to carbon footprint reduction in offices and organizations through reduction of resource consumption, under the WWF-Green Office Initiative.

With this effort, WWF - Pakistan has joined hands with fourteen major companies like Engro, Unilever, Tetra Pak, Qarshi Industries, Packages, ICI, IBA Sukkur etc, through the Green Office Initiative. Out of these companies, six are now certified WWF ‘Green Offices’. These organizations and businesses have been able to reduce their carbon footprint with the help of this initiative. Engro Corporation has reduced 73 tons of carbon foortprint only from electricity reduction, and 41 tons of carbon reduction has been done by waste reduction.

Speaking at a meeting of Green Office Initiative on this day, the Senior Programme Officer Ms Nazifa Butt said, “the concept of a Green Economy can involve a business, large or small, and even expand to an entire country, where economic practices are conducted in accordance with laws of environment and conservation. This can be achieved by being more environmentally conscious.”

WWF – Pakistan is further the implementer of the sustainable agriculture Programme that helps farmers across Sindh and Punjab grow cotton, sugarcane and wheat in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner with less water and pesticide usage, hence adding to the concept of “green economy” for the country.

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