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30th June, 2012

TNS Beaconhouse makes practical environmental learning a part of its core curriculum with help from WWF - Pakistan

Education and awareness rising is part and parcel of WWF- Pakistan’s core mandate. In recent months TNS Beaconhouse and WWF – Pakistan carried out project based work with the students of Reception and Grade 4. The project was centered on endangered species of Pakistan.

Members of the Conservation team in Lahore worked closely with the students and teachers to come up with projects that the children could present to the rest of the school as well as to parents. Reception class chose the Indus River dolphin as their project title. Over a period of three months the students learnt about the Indus river dolphin, threats, how to spread awareness as well as the names of other freshwater obligate dolphins found around the world. The four year olds displayed their work in a small exhibit for the parents and teachers to see. The tremendous amount of learning over the course of the project was displayed during the exhibition where the students were able to tell various people about plight of the Indus River dolphin which is both a flagship and endemic species of Pakistan.

Grade 4 chose to work on five threatened species in Pakistan. As a part of their project, they visited the Gyps Vulture Restoration Facility in Changa Manga to learn about the WWF – Pakistan’s captive breeding project. The class presented to their school at the end of the project. The three month project culminated in a deep set learning as a part of the student’s class curriculum. Grade 4 also held a fundraiser and donated the sum to the Vulture Conservation Project.

WWF - Pakistan appreciates the effort shown by TNS Beaconhouse teachers who made practical environmental learning a part of the core curriculum.




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