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In today’s globalized world, everything from the global economy to the markets, consumer choices and every day activities impact how we are utilizing and using up our planet’s precious resources. The fact that some of them are free does not mean they are infinite. Like most things in existence, there is a limit to what our planet can supply us with in terms of natural resources. There is also a limit to how much damage the environment and species dependent upon vulnerable ecosystems can take.

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Living Planet Report 2010

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With the launch of the 2010 Living Planet Report, WWF, along with partner organizations, once again asserts the need for a cleaner, greener world economy and action now to adopt sustainable practices that reduce harm inflicted upon the planet. Furthermore, protection of biodiversity and vulnerable ecosystems must be the top agenda as it directly impacts human communities at large.

The Living planet Report is a thorough and pertinent resource for public awareness and a tool for educationists, environmentalists, policy makers, government officials, non-governmental groups, media and students to refresh their memories about the necessity for better policies, actions and measures from all walks of life to leave the coming generations a planet that can still sustain life.

. WWF - Pakistan is striving endlessly to introduce a healthier and enlightened attitude towards nature, consumption patterns and development. In context of this report, the civil sector in Pakistan and the society at large have plenty of lessons to learn. Whether it is deforestation or pollution in our half of the ocean, over-fishing or merciless killing of endangered species, the country has a long way to go to make a worthwhile effort in terms of conservation and restoration of our natural resources.

Let’s leave our coming generations a healthy planet, a living planet. It’s the only one we’ve got.

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