Small Grants Programme

“Small support for long term impact”

Since 1986, the Small Grants Programme (SGP) of WWF-Pakistan has been supporting grassroots level organizations and researchers to strengthen efforts to conserve threatened and endangered species and ecosystems.

Under this programme more than 400 projects have been successfully completed. SGP has supported innovative conservation initiatives for priority species such as marine turtles, snow leopards, Indus River dolphin, sharks etc and critical ecosystems such as mangroves forests, Indus river delta, coniferous forests etc. Several postgraduate research studies have also been supported by the SGP.

Establishing key partnerships is an important part of the SGP. Through various initiatives, SGP plays an effective and useful role in increasing environmental awareness amongst a specialised audience. The programme has successfully established links and partnerships with its target groups, the local communities, beneficiaries of SGP projects, and also with partner implementing organizations and agencies.

The greatest value of funding is that it enables and builds the capacity of small-scale conservation work as well as environmental research and field projects by individual scientists, research and academic institutions and conservation organizations. While the amount of funding is modest, it provides the opportunity for pioneering grassroots initiatives and quite often lays the foundation for work at a much larger scale.

SGP Objectives

  • Address environmental issues by providing technical and financial support in order to build the capacity of small grassroots level organizations
  • Empower communities
  • Promote environmental research by strengthening academic, governmental and research-based institutions
  • How to apply

    The SGP proposal form can be downloaded from this page. The applicant organizations can apply to the SGP through email or post by sending the project proposal to the
    PDFs will not be accepted.

    Community organizations can also submit their proposals in Urdu.

    Applications for SGP are evaluated quarterly throughout the year. Deadlines for application submission for 2015 are:

    15th Feburary, 2015
    20th June, 2015
    15th September, 2015

    Download Applications Forms and the SGP Brochure

    Project Proposal Form
    Brochure English
    Brochure Urdu
    For further information about SGP
    Warda Javed
    SGP Senior Officer