Small Grants Programme


  • WWF Pakistan Small Grants Programme provides support the activities of the NGOs, CBOs, Governmental Organisations and researchers in the following main areas;
    Forest,Freshwater,Marine ecosystem,Species,Climate change,Toxics
  • Small grants Programme is the grant giving body operated thorough the Scientific Committee. The committee is provided with an annual budget by WWF Pakistan Board.
  • In addition to the Director General of WWF Pakistan the Scientific Committee comprises three senior staff members of WWF Pakistan while rest of the members are representatives of various academic institutions, conservation and governmental organisations.
  • The overall SGP projects portfolio consists of 44% species, 15% Forests, 17% Toxics, 7% Freshwater and Marine 2%.
  • The maximum grant amount per project is Rs. 200,000 for one year. However, in some exceptional circumstances where required annual funding for a single project exceeds the Rs. 200,000 ceiling of Scientific Committee, the project is referred to WWF Pakistan Board for approval.
  • More than 250 projects have been awarded to date while presently 30 project are continuing throughout the country