Small Grants Programme

SGP Projects




Protection & Conservation of Astor Markhor & Musk Deer in Sakwar, Jutial & Barmus Nullahs ( Phase II )


Study of population status and ecological requirement of the Marsh Crocodile (Crocodiles palustris) in Chotiari Reservoir, Sanghar District, Sindh


Human-leopard conflict assessment in Pir Lasora National Park


Assessment project for the Marsh crocodile of Kaha Hill torrent


Greening Khanpur


Conservation of Sulaiman Markhor & associated biodiversity through community participation in Singhar, District Musakhel, Balochistan


Monitoring & assessment of shark catch, landing and trade along the Balochistan Coast


Conservation of Pheasants through community participation in Hattian Dopatta, AJK


Preliminary assessment for identification of key biodiversity


Study of ecology and biology of Indian Flying Fox (Pteropus giganteus) in Lahore

11 Protecting cranes in Punjab

12 Macromycetes of Ayubia National Park

13 Conservation of Marine Turtle at Jiwani Beach (Phase II)

14 Community based fisheries resource management and improve livelihood through alternative resources and capacity building

15 Conservation of Himalayan Lynx (Lynx lynx isabellina) in Chitral, NWFP


16 Installation of Biogas plants in Villages of Dohala and Kwahty

17 Ethnobotanical study of Mountain Range of Kalla Chitta in Potohar Region

18 Ecology and distribution of tropical dry deciduous forest of Pakistan

Climate Change

19 Production of algal fuel Environmental Education

Environmental Education

20 Training and capacity building of post graduate students in natural resource management

21 Strengthening research in nature conservation issues in universities of Punjab and Northern Areas

22 Strengthening research related to various nature conservation issues in universities of Balochistan

23 Preserve and Promote the Natural Heritage of Islamabad

24 Desert Bloom – A colour Guide to the wild flowers of lower Indus

25 Promotion of ecotourism through Conservation & Information Centre (CIC), Sonmiani (Phase II)

26 Illustrated handbook ‘Ecosystem of Pakistan’


27 Mapping of environmental indicators in pilot districts of Pakistan

28 Socioeconomic development of poor farmer families through Better Management Practices

29 Preparation of a draft report on the ‘Allocation of forest and protected areas land for other uses in Pakistan’