Ongoing Projects

1. Environmental Baseline Survey and Monitoring of Rehabilitation and Modernization of Jinnah Barrage Under Punjab barrages Improvement (phase II)

The project is initiated with the assistance of the irrigation department, government of Punjab, MM Pakistan and Euro consult Mott Mac Donald, Netherland, WWF-Pakistan (Tripartite Memorandum of Understanding).

The MoU engages WWF-Pakistan for establishing baseline and later on monitoring of flora and fauna of Jinnah Barrage construction area and in particular the aquatic resources, fisheries and Indus blind dolphin. In order to formulate an Environmental Management Plan (EMP), government of Punjab aims to conduct a thorough study on the project site for seasonal ecological baseline information and also to monitor critical parameters as the project progresses. Based on the results of the survey, measures within the scope of the assignment, WWF-Pakistan can suggest possible mitigation measures of the impacts associated with construction related activities.

Six studies form part of this MoU and include the following:
  • Study no. 1 Studies on ornithology in Jinnah Barrage
  • Study no. 2 Studies on air/water resources in Jinnah Barrage
  • Study no. 3 Studies on fisheries in Jinnah Barrage
  • Study no. 4 Geographic Information System (GIS) Study
  • Study no. 5 Studies on mammals (inclusive Indus Dolphin and small mammals) in Jinnah Barrage