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Take Climate Action with WWF-Pakistan

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22 April 2020 | 90 minutes | 11:00 AM PKT

Today sustainable development and preservation of the environment is recognized globally and have now become everyone’s concern. Greening corporates is now also a part of Pakistan’s mission of “Go Green” and plays an active role to take environmental and ecological aspects as part of their business models.

Join the WWF-Pakistan’s first webinar for the corporate sector in Pakistan. This webinar will serve as a guiding principle on how to address environmental issues.

 As part of this webinar, corporates will be educated on how they can designate their head offices, other regional offices as green offices, display a green office logo and invest in solar projects. WWF’s Green Office Program is one such initiative to help the corporate sector understand the environmental challenges and learn ways to be instrumental in improving our environment. WWF’s Green Office Program is a practical Environmental Management System specifically designed for office conditions, that focuses on reducing the organization's environmental footprint by cutting down on energy and paper costs, reducing waste and making better procurement choices.