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Training youth to become environmental stewards


The Youth Development Programme (YDP) enables young people of Pakistan to become environmental stewards. Through different campaigns and initiatives, the programme helps empower and engage the youth (aged 15 to 30) in taking action for building a sustainable future and creating a positive influence on society.


Launched in 2009, this programme aims to train, empower, and mobilize youth on environmental issues through expert-led training sessions (both virtual and face-to-face) and community action projects. The themes for the sessions include natural resource conservation, sustainable resource consumption, eco-preneurship, climate change, disaster management, green energy, and modules related to professional growth such as time management, conflict resolution, etc. 

As a part of the Eco-Internship Programme, students complete advocacy projects which mainly revolve around developing sustainable solutions for the food crisis, driving climate change action through meaningful youth participation, raising funds for wildlife conservation, and providing clean water to marginalized communities.  


  • Internship completion certificate
  • 20 to 40 hours community service letter
  • Mentoring by experts
  • Opportunity to become WWF-Pakistan’s Student Ambassador


For further information, please contact:

Haris Tauqeer

Call: +92-42-35465983 | Email: htauqeer@wwf.org.pk 

Zarmina Khan

Call: +92-51-2270020-3 | Email: zkhan@wwf.org.pk

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This programme provides a platform to stimulate admiration for the natural world and to explore the amazing biodiversity. Exploration of the natural habitat offers a unique sense of connectivity. 

The participants not only learn to identify species but are also able to identify the intricate patterns which connect humans to the natural environment while being engaged in activities that instil teamwork and leadership. 


  • On-field conservation training and exposure
  • Leadership and team-building training

Contact Detail

For further information, please contact:

Zarmina Khan

Call: +92-51-22700201-23 | Email: zkhan@wwf.org.pk

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Student Ambassador Programme is a platform for young passionate individuals who aspire to work for the conservation of the planet's natural resources. Student Ambassadors facilitate WWF-Pakistan in environmental education and fundraising initiatives for conservation action. They also provide valuable input in youth campaigns. Together with the Student Ambassadors, WWF organizes events, fundraisers, training workshops, and outdoor education programmes to foster environmental activism among youth.

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Citizen Journalism for Environmental Advocacy

Through this programme, the youth are provided with an opportunity to develop an understanding of media literacy and the role of civic journalism in addressing environmental challenges through a certified workshop titled ‘Citizen Journalism: A New Era for Environmental Advocacy’. 

The workshop features:

  • Fundamentals of journalism 
  • Data collection and storytelling
  • Digital tools for citizen journalists

Contact Details

For further information, please contact: 

Zarmina Khan

Call: +92-51-22700210-23 | Email: zkhan@wwf.org.pk