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Green Office Programme

What is Green Office?

WWF's Green Office is an environmental service for offices. With its help, workplaces are able to reduce their burden on the environment, achieve savings and slow down climate change.

Green Office is a practical environmental programme that is easy to implement. Its aim is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and offices' ecological footprint. Implementation the programme can help your organization cut down on costs, reduce waste, make better procurement choices and an environmentally aware workforce.

WWF awards the Green Office certification to offices fulfilling the criteria of the Green Office programme.

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WWF Green Office is a guide for workplaces to function sustainably. You will get an assessment of your current situation, details about what should be changed and instructions for the next steps.

Green Office is suited to offices – both large and small – in private companies, the public sector and other organizations. Office premises hold a key position in energy consumption and in sustainable solutions. Green Office motivates office staff to act in an environmentally friendly way with regard to everyday tasks, and it improves environmental awareness and brings cost savings. The scheme will benefit both the organization and the environment.

WWF is your expert partner in sustainability. You will not need environmental expertise of your own; being prepared to act for nature is enough.

Environmental Certificate

Sustainability is an important competitive asset. Customers, stakeholders, employees and job applicants want to hear how sustainability has been included in the day-to-day life of your organization.
With a Green Office certificate, you can prove that your organization takes environmental matters into account in its premises, decisions and operations. Audits and annual Green Office reporting encourage setting objectives, measuring results and achieving improvements.


At Green Offices, the entire work community is guided to act in an environmentally responsible way. The environmental management system pays attention to matters such as travel, energy consumption, recycling and sorting of waste, sustainable procurement and food choices. A sustainability mindset is incorporated into day-to-day life.
In addition to earning a livelihood, many people want relevance from their work and want to work in an organization with values aligned to their own. At a Green Office, employees can make a difference and act ecologically also at the workplace. This way, Green Office also influences the employee experience and employer image.


Your workday has impacts on nature. Fortunately, there are abundant opportunities to promote sustainability at the workplace and make choices that appreciate the environment.

Green Office work is guided through seven themes. Together, we will assess which measures will have the biggest impact at your workplace and effectively reduce ecological footprint.

With regular communication, you can guide your work community to implement the Green Office practices. For engaging the personnel, there are ready campaign materials available, for example. By using the Green Office logo in communications and marketing, you can ensure that the environmental management system provides your brand with the maximum benefit.

Energy consumption usually accounts for the biggest share of the environmental impacts of an office. Green Office will teach you how to improve your property’s energy efficiency, reduce electricity consumption and take the origin of energy into account.

Green Office encourages selecting responsible products and partners and replace disposable products with non-disposable ones. By making wise procurement decisions, you can make the market more sustainable and reduce over-consumption and waste.

By recycling, you can help to reuse existing material, thereby reducing the over-consumption of natural resources. Green Offices sort all waste and select a sustainable cleaning partner.

Travel often causes a big share of the emissions of an office. Green Office encourages preparing sustainable travel policies for work-related travel and ensuring that remote meeting practices are in order and telecommuting is possible without complications.

Paper usage is an integral part of every office practice. Its production is not only energy intensive but also consumes innumerable trees and generates tons of waste. Green Offices pledge to optimize their paper usage, eventually saving money and simplifying their operations.