© Mirza Hassan Zia / WWF-Pakistan
Water is our most precious resource. We can't live without it and there is no substitute for it. But there is only so much of it to go round.

Of all the water on Earth, just 2.5% is freshwater, and most of that is locked up in ice or deep underground. Rivers and lakes hold only a tiny fraction – but it’s this water that farming, industry, seven billion human beings and all life on land depend on. Freshwater environments are home to around 1 in 10 known animals – from dragonflies to ducks to dolphins, and around half of all fish species.

Our Freshwater programme is striving to protect and revive rivers and wetlands that sustain people and nature, and ensure there’s enough water for all of us.

Today, Pakistan is below the threshold of a water stressed country and is water scarce with per capita water availability at only 930 cubic metre per annum. Rapid urbanization and industrialization are negatively impacting the quantity and quality of water resources in the country. 

Pakistan's major cities are already facing problems of groundwater extraction and drawdown of water tables. More than ever, we now need healthy freshwater resources.

© WWF-Pakistan
What is WWF doing?

Our mission is to secure water for people and nature in priority river basins. What we need is a transformation in the way water is managed across these critical river basins, including the Indus Basin.

In order to do so, we actively promote water stewardship and responsible water infrastructure while protecting freshwater habitats. Together with our partners, we are reducing water footprints, safeguarding hydrological regimes and securing freshwater dependent flora and fauna.

Almost half the world's population will face severe water scarcity by 2030 if urgent action is not taken.

Our Strategy

Freshwater sustains life on Earth, is a human right, a social need and underpins most economic activity. This is why our Global Goal is to ensure that freshwater ecosystems and their services sustain people and nature.  Achieving this goal depends  on regional, national and global cooperation on all fronts. The success of this goal is measured through its contribution to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) no. 6, which ensures availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

Keeping in view the freshwater needs for all communities, WWF’s global freshwater strategy aims to deliver on two important goals:
1 - Healthy Habitats & Species:  By 2030, protection of freshwater habitats  has doubled  and good management and restoration of freshwater habitats has stabilized freshwater species populations.
2 - Clean Flowing Rivers: By 2030, river flows and quality of the most important ecosystems are maintained or restored.