Since 1986 the Small Grants Programme (SGP) of WWF-Pakistan has been supporting grass root level organizations, research-based institutions, researchers and students to strengthen nature conservation efforts in Pakistan.

SGP has supported innovative conservation initiatives for priority species such as marine turtles, snow leopards, Indus River dolphin, sharks, vultures and critical ecosystems such as mangroves forests, Indus River Delta and Coniferous forests. The greatest value of funding is that it enables and builds the capacity of small-scale conservation work as well as environmental research and field projects by individual scientists, research and academic institutions and conservation organizations.

SGP Objectives

  • Address environmental issues by providing technical and financial support in order to build the capacity of small grass-root level organizations;
  • Empower communities; and 
  • Promote environmental research by strengthening academic, government and research-based institutions. 

How to apply?

The SGP proposal form can be downloaded from. The applicant organizations can apply to the SGP through email or post by sending the project proposal to the following email address

Please provide complete contact information details in the project proposal. The project without the budget breakup will not be accepted.

PDF files will not be accepted.

Download Grant Brochures

Download application forms rel= © WWF-Pakistan

You can now download all the relevant documents, brochures and forms for the Small Grants Programme
  1. Project proposal form
  2. English brochure
  3. Urdu brochure
  4. SGP funded projects 
Download Application for Conservation Awards