WWF-Pakistan releases trailer for "Wildlife Diaries of Pakistan"

Posted on August, 14 2023

Lahore, August 14, 2023: The World Wide Fund for Nature Pakistan (WWF-Pakistan) released the trailer for its highly anticipated wildlife documentary series titled “Wildlife Diaries of Pakistan” on 14 August, on the occasion of Pakistan’s 76th Independence Day.

Wildlife Diaries of Pakistan pays tribute to the country’s rich biodiversity and natural heritage. Pakistan is a land rich in cultural diversity, but also boasts remarkable natural treasures. Yet, these treasures face increasing threats, including the loss of precious biodiversity; a concern that requires urgent attention. WWF-Pakistan’s captivating wildlife series takes step and sheds light on the issues and challenges.

According to WWF’s 2022 Living Planet Report, wildlife populations – mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish- have seen a devastating 69 per cent drop on average, globally, since 1970. This is a grave warning about the health of our planet. Pakistan's unique biodiversity, which sustains entire ecosystems and maintains the delicate ecological balance, is also at serious risk from habitat destruction, pollution, and climate change. Hammad Naqi Khan, Director General WWF-Pakistan stated, “Pakistan is facing the double emergencies of human-induced climate change and biodiversity loss, which threatens the survival of our current and future generations. As a nation, we stand at a crossroads where the urgent need to protect our natural heritage has never been more crucial. WWF-Pakistan's dedication to conserving biodiversity is mirrored in the ‘Wildlife Diaries of Pakistan’, which took over a year to complete. This endeavour is a call to action, an awakening to the importance of safeguarding our ecosystems for future generations.”

The series, directed by Naveed Qamar, Cyber Productions, embodies not only our love for the nation but also our responsibilities as custodians of its extraordinary natural treasures. The episodes will take the viewers on a journey into the lives of some remarkable species and their habitats, reminding us of the irreplaceable value of our natural world. The complete series will be available to watch on WWF-Pakistan's official YouTube channel with the first episode available to watch on September 20, 2023.