Lets create low carbon cities by providing renewable energy to on-grid and off-grid areas of Pakistan
What is SolaPanda?
SolaPanda is a practical solution to tackle climate change through provision of renewable energy to off-grid and on-grid communities. Through this programme, employees and communities will be trained for installing and maintaining solar systems. WWF-Pakistan’s SolaPanda is a value added service under the Green Office Initiative, which can be adopted by our corporate partners under their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), to provide safe, reliable and innovative solar energy solutions to communities.
Why adopt the SolaPanda Programme?
Access to electricity has become essential to ensure a satisfactory quality of life and help promote economic development. However, a staggering 32% of the population in Pakistan does not have electricity in its houses, while a huge part of the population receives it on an intermittent basis. This long-term initiative not only ensures free-of-cost green energy to communities, but also empowers and educates them on maintaining their solar panels.
Installing solar systems will also help you off-set your carbon emissions and contribute to low-carbon cities. The SolaPanda programme is also a great way to engage employees to take action for climate change mitigation and adaptation, and work towards achieving your organizations’ sustainability goals.
  • Technical trainings for employees to assemble and maintain solar systems
  • Dissemination of informative materials in the form of training manuals, videos, tips etc.
  • Ensuring provision of equipment and logistics for the installations
  • Assistance in visits of corporate employees along with the solar providers to install solar panels in the selected rural and urban communities
  • Calculate the offset of carbon emissions for the organization
  • Recognition and branding on WWF-Pakistan’s official website and social media pages
  • Employees technical skill building through trainings on solar systems installation and maintenance
  • An opportunity to fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility in collaboration with one of the largest and best known global conservation organizations
  • An opportunity to offset their carbon emissions
  • Invitation to WWF’s annual Earth Hour and other exclusive events
  • Use the SolaPanda logo for internal and external communication through print, electronic and social media
  • Better knowledge on utilizing renewable energy sources where possible 
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