Senate Committee on Climate Change Laud WWF-Pakistan and the Sindh Forest Department on Mangrove Conservation Efforts

Posted on October, 12 2023

Senate Committee on Climate Change Laud WWF-Pakistan and the Sindh Forest Department on Mangrove Conservation Efforts
Karachi, October 11, 2023 – The Senate Standing Committee on Climate Change visited WWF-Pakistan's Wetland Center in Karachi, where they were provided with an insightful briefing on mangrove conservation initiatives. WWF and the Sindh Forest Department's conservation efforts over the years have significantly increased mangrove cover in Pakistan. 

Mangrove forests act as natural carbon sinks and are the first line of defense for coastal communities against floods and tropical storms. WWF-Pakistan's work in mangrove conservation is multifaceted, which involves supporting local communities by providing alternative sources of income, bolstering sustainable fishing practices, and reducing their reliance on mangroves for fuel wood. The committee's visit was an opportunity to learn about these efforts and their impact.

 Representatives from the Sindh Forest Department included Mr. Riaz Wagan, Chief Conservator Sindh Forest Department who presented detailed facts and figures and his analysis on mangrove plantation and conservation efforts. Mr. Riaz shared acknowledgement towards WWF’s efforts for increasing awareness about mangroves and their conservation among masses that has greatly facilitated the Department in sustaining its efforts in terms of forest sustainability.

 Together with Senator Seemi Ezdi, Senator Abida Azeem, Senator Dr Muhammad Humayun Mohmand, Senator Khalida Ateeb, Senator Keshoo Bai, Ms Wajiha Riaz Secretary Committee, and Asif Sahibzada DG M/o climate change joined President WWF-Pakistan Nadeem Khalid, WWF-Pakistan Board Member Sara Taher Khan and WWF-Pakistan Director General Hammad Naqi Khan, during the informative visit.

"We are thankful to the honourable members of the Senate for their visit to the Wetland Center here in Karachi and for their support over the years. Preserving mangroves isn't just an environmental initiative, it's an investment in the resilience and prosperity of our coastal communities which is what we are aiming to do at WWF-Pakistan with the support of like minded organisations and partners." said Hammad Naqi Khan.

Speaking to the media, the Senate Committee for Climate Change emphasized on the importance of introducing and sustaining both short and long term nature-based solutions to encourage mangrove conservation efforts and measures that are globally known to sustain and empower such programs for a greener future.

Mangrove ecosystems play a vital role in Pakistan's environmental landscape, and together WWF-Pakistan and the Sindh Forest Department's conservation initiatives have made remarkable strides in preserving these invaluable habitats. The Senate Committee's visit served to highlight the importance of such conservation efforts and the positive impact they bring to the region's environment and coastal communities.
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