Pakistan, at present, is experiencing an exponential shift in its water profile, from being water abundant to reaching the verge of water scarcity. According to a recent report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Pakistan ranks third in the world among countries facing acute water shortage.

What is WWF-Pakistan doing in partnership with PEPSICO?

To address the depleting water resources and to create awareness about the need to conserve water resources, WWF-Pakistan, in partnership with PepsiCo, is engaging stakeholders to implement water replenishment techniques to off-set percentage use of freshwater. 


To develop a replenishment system in the catchment of Lahore and Multan districts by 2024 that has the potential to replenish 331,000m3 of water per annum.


1. Implement water replenishment techniques for the communities to contribute to the recharge of groundwater as well as utilize the treated water for different purposes.
2. Create awareness among local community members and concerned stakeholders on the need to conserve rainwater, reuse conserved water for secondary purposes and facilitate recharge of

The following replenishment methods have been identified for PepsiCo.'s Snacks Plant watershed in Lahore and Multan districts:
1. Rainwater harvesting system
2. Ablution water reuse system
3. Improvement of wastewater quality via floating treatment wetlands (FTW)
4. Groundwater recharge via recharge well
5. Land cover management
6. On/Off-farm water management practices

Find out more about our replenishment methods
Rainwater Harvesting System
Floating Treatment Wetland
Ablution Water Reuse System
Recharge Well