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Corporate Engagement

WWF has a long history of working in partnership with the private sector to find innovative solutions to pressing environmental issues in Pakistan. Through its Corporate Membership programme, the fund has been engaged with more than 300 corporate companies in both dialogue and active support to preserve and improve the environment of our country.

With its global reach, scientific expertise and in-depth knowledge across a full spectrum of environmental issues, WWF-Pakistan aims to continue its following efforts: 
  • Working pro-actively with companies, helping them explore their interest areas for environmental protection.
  • Raising awareness among the employees of corporate member companies about their role in environmental conservation.
  • Assisting companies devise strategies to reduce their overall environmental footprints and promote international development.
  • Creating a platform for corporates from different sectors such as agriculture, telecommunications and power and energy to demonstrate mutual responsibility in protecting our planet.
  • Engaging corporate member companies in WWF-Pakistan’s projects and programmes.

WWF-Pakistan is proud to have watched its Corporate Membership programme strengthen over the years. Support from the corporate sector makes it possible for the organization to take on countless environmental challenges and reduce the impact that we have on the environment. Such support is valued and we look forward to similar consideration in the future.