Spellathon is a student engagement programme that focuses on creating awareness regarding environmental issues in the young generation.

Spellathon is a pioneer and proud campaign of WWF-Pakistan, with its 24 years in succession. It engages students, of grades 1 to 8, directly through storytelling and spelling competitions. The booklets, provided by WWF-Pakistan contain a vast wealth of information, word games, puzzles, exercises and points to ponder about the environment. A spelling competition is also held based on the storybook. This way, students are able to polish their reading and writing skills while raising their environmental awareness. The programme has also been able to create an impact on the students by encouraging healthy competition and fostering new ways of environmental conservation. 

Contact Details

For further information, please contact: 

Tauseef Ahmad 

Call: 051-8857771-6 | Email: taahmad@wwf.org.pk 

Aamnah Mohi-ud-Din 

Call: 042 111 993 725 | Email: amohiuddin@wwf.org.pk