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Green Office for a sustainable future

WWF Pakistan guides offices in setting up and developing the Green Office system. WWF supports environmental management in office through its Green Office tools.
Following services are provided by WWF-Pakistan to companies enrolled for the Green office program certification:

1. Calculation of Carbon Foot print

The WWF-Pakistan team shall calculate the carbon foot print of the Organization from the KPI (electrical, paper, waste, travel) data provided by the Organization. WWF-Pakistan uses patent software and local carbon emission factors to calculate the foot print. The results are shared with the organization as well as compared with the previous year’s data for performance evaluation.


2. Lighting Audit by Philips Electrical Pakistan

The lighting designer from Philips will calculate the current load and suggest efficient lighting solutions with less wattage, resulting in a decrease in total energy consumption. Areas of improvement can be identified considering the standard lighting levels and companies can easily calculate their return on investment.


3. Green Office Certification

The Organization will be awarded with the Green Office certificate after the Certification Audit. This certificate shows that the organization is environmentally sensitized and committed.

4. Publicity

After having received the Green office Certificate and officially becoming a member of the Green Office Network, the organization will have the right to use the WWF Green Office Logo as per the guidelines, in recognition of their environment friendly practices. The organization’s name is published on WWF’s website and the organization’s exemplary eco efficient practices are shared at the national and international level.


5. Access to Green Office COMPASS

Green office Compass is an international portal for the global Green Offices. It is a platform where you can get information on the companies certified as Green Office, and their environmental initiatives. The new companies can benefit from the international companies which are already working for the conservation of resources.


6. Consumer Habit Questionnaire

WWF-Pakistan shall provide a link to an online questionnaire to the organization. Each employee of the organization has to fill up this online questionnaire. The results will be shared instantly with the employee. They can gauge their global standing in terms of carbon footprint.


7. Monthly Eco Tip

WWF-Pakistan shall share an Eco tip as a monthly activity with the Green Office network. It includes practical green steps that each employee at the organization can take up in offices as well as at homes.

8. Environmental Trainings & Workshops

WWF-Pakistan provides bi-annual trainings to all the employees of the registered corporate offices. This includes customized training sessions for the top management, mid level staff, and janitors, etc to reinforce their role in bringing environmental sustainability to their workplaces.


9. Subscription to Natura.

Natura is WWF-Pakistan’s quarterly magazine. Its subscription is free for all Green Office Network companies. The magazine addresses all current environmental issues from national and international authors with rationalized and practical solutions.


10. Annual Network meeting

WWF-Pakistan arranges an annual Green Office Network meeting annually for the enrolled organizations as well as for other potential ones. Experts are invited to deliver/discuss on various environmental issues such as green buildings, energy conservation, etc. This meeting and all other activities serve as a path towards continual improvement throughout the organization as well as in employees’ behaviour.