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Wildlife Photography Competition 2021


Wildlife conservation is one of the core practices of the WWF global network and a key area of work for WWF-Pakistan. Pakistan is blessed with incredible biodiversity, including endemic wildlife species. However, many of these species face threats from urban sprawl, mining and infrastructure, or are suffering from the effects of pollution, climate change, etc. 

To highlight the importance and significance of wildlife, it is imperative for us to visualize and shed light on the wildlife species in Pakistan. 

A picture is worth a thousand words!

If you want to showcase wildlife and animals in Pakistan, this is your chance to show your photography skills. Send us your pictures by taking part in WWF-Pakistan’s Wildlife Photography Contest 2021!

Guidelines For The Competition

  1. Each contestant may submit up to 2 pictures/entries for the competition. Pictures may be submitted as attachments, google drive links, and/or via we transfer.
  2. The pictures should be of high quality, of an appropriate resolution, and not pixelated.
  3. Along with the picture, each contestant is required to mention their name, age, location of the shoot and basic details of the animal photographed. 
  4. Pictures that are photoshopped and digitally manipulated will not be accepted. Black and white pictures will not be accepted. 
  5. The top 5 pictures will be printed in WWF-Pakistan’s quarterly magazine, ‘Natura’, and will be posted on WWF-Pakistan’s social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc.) with due credit to the photographers.
  6. All participants are requested to email their entries at membership@wwf.org.pk, with the subject line ‘Wildlife Photography Contest’, by 23 September 2021 (12 pm). Entries will not be accepted after this deadline.