Integrated water resources management in the indus basin
Pakistan's freshwater resources are under stress due to contamination and excessive extraction, which leads to water scarcity. If effective measures are not taken into consideration, this scenario will worsen as a result of the impacts of climate change, leading to irreparable loss.

The Project 

WWF-Pakistan in partnership with NIKE is implementing the concepts of integrated water resource management by executing appropriate approaches to replenish water resources in strategic landscapes of the indus basin including ayubia National Park, Uchhali Complex and South Punjab, that deliver a wide range of benefits to the community and environment.

The project envisions the development of a water management system that has the potential to replenish and recharge 97140 m3 per year of rainwater. 


  • Implementation of water conservation strategies including rainwater harvesting and grey water reuse to replenish 2204 m3 of rainwater annually. 
  • Stabilization of aquifer levels through installing groundwater recharge wells.
  • Reuse of treated wastewater, through nature-based solutions, for agriculture purposes that would reduce reliance on groundwater abstraction ultimately ensuring long-term sustainability