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Browse the Green Office web page and get in touch with our representative. An introductory presentation on Green Office Initiative can be delivered at your office location by WWF representatives. 

An introductory presentation on Green Office Initiative can be delivered at your office location by WWF representatives. 

Contact our Green Officer

Fatima Khan 
Email: fkhan@wwf.org.pk

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Gather a team

Establish a Green Office team and choose a Green Office contact person. WWF will deliver you with support and tangible advice on initiating your environmental work.

Create an environmental management system (EMS)

Upon joining the network, based on gaps identified through gap analysis form, action points to be incorporated in EMP shall be provided by us. The organization has 6 months to prepare a practical EMS for its office. Spread the message of Green Office throughout the work community and embed environmentally-friendly practices in day-to-day life at the workplace.

WWF Green Office Audit

Once your environmental management system is complete, a WWF Green Office expert will perform an inspection/audit of your office. Once you pass the audit, you will receive the Green Office Diploma along with the right to use the Green Office logo that you can use in communications and marketing. After the office inspection, the first annual fee will be charged.

Report annually

Once the organization holds Green Office labelling rights, it will start to report chosen key indicators and their achievements to WWF. Also, the office updates its environmental program every year.

Continual Improvement

A certified Green Office should strive for continual improvement in its EMS and improvement of environmental awareness among its personnel.

WWF inspects the office premises annually. During these reviews, fulfilment of the Green Office criteria and use of the Green Office logo will be monitored. The most significant impacts are the result of long-term environmental efforts.

A Green Office

An office whose EMS fulfils the required criteria will be granted rights to the Green Office logo and presented a diploma by WWF. 

A Green Office

  • Selects a Green Office coordinator and team
  • Plans a practical environmental program
  • Improves energy efficiency continues to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduces waste, and recycles and sorts out waste according to local requirements
  • Pays attention to green issues in procurements
  • Informs and educates its personnel about Green Office practices
  • Aspires towards continuous improvement in environmental matters
  • Chooses the indicators, sets numeric objectives and monitors the fulfilment of the objectives
  • Reports to WWF annually