The need for environmental conservation is an issue close to Ali Rehman’s heart and something that he has wanted to be a part of. He hopes to help create awareness among the general public about it.

“I would like to focus on the importance of individual action and how making small changes can lead to a sustainable lifestyle that will help the environment and us. We all need to play our part, be it planting a tree, recycling at home or being a responsible consumer and start asking questions about the products we use.”

His association with the panda before he became a Goodwill Ambassador is quite interesting. As a child he thought WWF was the same as the wrestling foundation.

On asking his parents and after doing some research he learned about the non-profit’s work and the existence of the panda species.

“We all are connected and each positive action will add to the solution. To start off, at the initial stage of my association with WWF, I'll be focusing on helping in spreading awareness about issues that we encounter on a regular basis, like heat waves, the water crisis and plastic waste etcetera and what we need to do to find their solutions. It will be a learning process for me too and in time I'll pick an issue that I want to be involved with extensively.”

Ali Rehman is leading Team Water for WWF’s Green Card campaign, which is a crowdfunding initiative. Pakistan’s water crisis is no a secret and it is time that everyone steps up to contribute to finding solutions. To learn more about the campaign and how you can support Ali visit