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Conserving Pangolins in Pakistan
The pangolin is a unique species that plays a critical role in maintaining healthy ecosystems by consuming insects and serving as natural pest controllers. They also help in improving the quality of soil by mixing and aerating it. Despite holding great ecological importance, the pangolin population had been declining rapidly in Pakistan. Through various researches, interventions, projects and collaborations, WWF has been trying to save this endangered species.

Pangolin scales are sold at high prices in international market. 

Unfortunately not a lot is known about their population in Pakistan. WWF's recent surveys will help gather more information about them and develop conservation measures accordingly. 

WWF has carried out several surveys and researches to understand the habitat range, estimated population, along with scale and scope of illegal trade of pangolin in Pakistan. Through these researches, we were able to find the major threats to pangolins and therefore could successfully devise strategies, interventions and management plans for conserving the species.  

Involving community has always been the center of WWF’s work. It not only builds trust and ownership of the activities but also helps in sustaining the interventions beyond the lifecycle of the projects.  In order to conserve the pangolins, WWF has established several community based protection zones, where locals are hired as the guards. Along with the reduction in the incidence of illegal poaching, several captured pangolins have also been released in the protection zones, showing greater community cooperation.  

Awareness raising is also one of main components for conserving pangolins. A lot of myths and misconceptions revolve around this scaly mammal and therefore it is imperative to create awareness regarding the ecological and economic importance of the species. Across the country, WWF continues to conduct awareness sessions in various schools for students and teachers, where documentaries regarding pangolin is screened and several activities are conducted for capturing the interest of the young minds.